population-based analytics for big data



(Prō-tō-dē-mōs, from the Greek πρωτοδῆμος : emerging population)

Protodemos is a technology consulting firm that specializes in providing population segmentation products and services for use in a big-data environment.

Our flagship products provide our customers with the ability to rapidly prototype and deploy population segmentation data sets for use in COTS and custom-built applications. 

The Protodemos Population Segmentation Engine (PD/PSE) gives the analyst immediate feedback of population size, demographic, and other key signatures in real time as the analyst builds and modifies subsets of the population Universe.

Protodemos database programming language (PD/DBL), a parallel-execution scripting language written specifically for Teradata's Aster database, harnesses the power of the Teradata Aster SQL-MR application programming interface to provide a stored-procedure language that implements the Map-Reduce parallel programming paradigm.  Fully aware of Teradata Aster data structures, PD/DBL can execute code that ingests data from multiple database queries, process the data on hundreds of commodity server nodes, and then emit the data back to the Teradata Aster database.  PD/DBL is the first parallel programming stored procedure language that embraces the Map-Reduce paradigm.