Termination of Support

Notice of Termination of Support

Protodemos is pleased to announce the sale of our IP to an undisclosed third party.  We believe this is the best way our technology can make its way into the hands of people who can benefit from it.  And although we are personally sad that our involvement in this tiny little "engine that could" is at an end, we are optimistic that its key elements will enhance other larger and more commercial products. 

To all of you who used our product, encouraged us, submitted feature requests, and yes- even to those of you who submitted bug reports, we are eternally grateful.  It was a good run, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

And now the difficult part:  This will unfortunately terminate all planned support for Protodemos products, including Protodemos PD/DBL[tm].

PD/DBL will still be available for download during the transition period, which is anticipated to wrap up by the end of September 2016.  Registered Community Testers for the pre-release version (v2.pr) will be sent a non-expiring license file via their accounts' email addresses.  If you are a registered Community Tester and have not received your non-expiring license, please contact us via direct email (not a support request) at support@protodemos.com by 9/30/2016.  After that time, no more licenses will be distributed and no further support of any kind will be provided.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

Please do not contact any Protodemos associates directly.  Dale and Mike will not have access to source code or the patch repository.  All @protodemos.com emails (other than "support") will be deactivated on 8/31/2016.

And Finally:  Goodbye, and best wishes from all of us as we end this chapter in our lives.