Who We Are

Who are we?

Well, first and foremost, Protodemos is a technology company.  We exist because our world is complex and the human race has used technology both to reduce that complexity and curiously enough, add to it as well.

Protodemos is committed to the former.  We look for opportunities to bring order into being where previously there was only chaos.  To find a single, elegant solution for multiple complex problems.  We believe that technology is only useful when it improves our lives, not just for its own sake.

The name "Protodemos" comes from two Greek words "πρωτο" and "δῆμος" that together mean "early people" (or "first people") if translated literally.  In ancient Greece, demos was a rhetorical reference to a population, or sometimes the political boundaries (e.g. a city-state) that defined the population. 

The Protodemos Segmentation Engine (PSE) is a powerful and elegant solution for prototyping, defining, and manipulating data comprised of "segments" (sets and sub-sets) of a "population."  Thus, the name fits, since the "proto" in "prototype" is used for the same purpose- an "early" for "first" form.  In effect, the PSE allows its users to prototypes a demos. The potential applications are wide-spread, and cross many industries.

Although our "early" choice of a name is a reference to that single product, Protodemos does not stop there.  As a technology company, we are constantly seeking ways of using complex technology to make our lives less complex and to provide the products and services to enable that goal.

-Dawn Cooper, founder of Protodemos