Beta Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the PD/DBL Beta Testing Program.

Disclaimer: Proto/demos is NOT affiliated with Teradata Aster[tm] in any way, nor does it intend to imply that the PD/DBL product is produced, sanctioned, recommended or provided by Teradata Aster or its parents or affiliates.  License to use PD/DBL does not imply or convey any licence for installation or use of any Teradata Aster software or related software published by Teradata Aster or its parents or affiliates.  Use of PD/DBL is at the sole discretion of the Beta Program Participant, and the Participant is responsible for procuring and ensuring integrity of any software licenses required to run it.

Purpose: This program is intended to provide you, a potential user or customer of Proto/demos, with an opportunity to preview the capabilities and features of PD/DBL.

Requirements: You must posess a license to run a valid copy of Teradata Aster database version 5.0 or higher.  Proto/demos does not provide any such license.  PD/DBL will run on the full Teradata Aster distribution as well as on the freeware "Aster Express" available for download from the Teradata Aster web site.

Schedule: We plan to begin Beta on March 15th, 2013.  The planned testing period is one month (but could be extended or shortened depending on initial feedback).

Installation: When the Beta begins, we will email you a link to a download page for the software.  Presumably, you'll have a Teradata Aster database instance that you want to do testing on.  If not, Teradata Aster has a free downloadable limited version called "Aster Express" that runs in a vmware virtual image.  Your email will include instructions on how to install the software on your database.

We highly recommend instaling the Beta software in a test database.  This is a beta program, so it is expected that you will discover issues and bugs.

You Have Permission To:

  • Run PD/DBL in a development or test database
  • Test PD/DBL on an unlimited number of systems and servers
  • Evaluate and form opinions on the quality and suitability of PD/DBL for various purposes
  • Disclose such information AFTER but NOT BEFORE the beta program closes

You May Not:

  • Run PD/DBL in a production database or any database where execution of PD/DBL might cause problems with your servers, software, or data
  • Disclose your participation in the beta program prior to its close
  • Disclose opinions, impressions, performance figures, security issues, bugs, or any other information about PD/DBL prior to the close of the beta program

You Are Encouraged To:

  • Make extensive use of PD/DBL during the beta program
  • Report any and all issues you discover to Proto/demos support via a beta program support request
  • Contact Proto/demos immediately via any communications channel (see our "contact us" web page) for support at any time 24x7
  • Form opinions, document your impressions, and publish them in any forum you find suitable even if they are unfavorable.  (But only until after the beta program is closed so we have a chance to make fixes or improvements)

Terms and Conditions: In addition to the above, participants shall be bound to the terms and conditions of the beta program licensing agreement (click here).